Property preservation Processing Services

The job of a property preservation specialist includes several duties such as repairing, replacing locks, fixing windows or roofs and general maintenance as lawn care, snow removals and other necessary adjustments to make the Property into a saleable condition.

Creating an order, updating it on the client’s portal and processing it in a timely manner makes it more hectic for the Specialist getting him to lose his sleep over the night.

The moment you entrust us with your property preservation processing needs, we make it our goal to update and submit the orders within the time frame. We at RPR services, carefully analyze all photos of the property, ensure it’s bids and only then submit the work orders.


All kinds of potential hazards such as broken windows, leaking roofs, broken doors etc. are ensured by us. We also make it a point to thoroughly stick by the guidelines provided to us by the client. RPR services specializes in Core logic, Field Comm, LPS, M&M, MSI, NFR, Property Preservation Wizard, Pruvan, Safe Guard Properties, Vendor 360, Sand Castle, In-Field Express and many more. This very expertise helps us in providing our clients with premium quality property preservation work order processing services.  We aim at working with all our clients to secure their property.

Our Basic Services include but not limited to:

  • Photos download from websites, Cloud, FTp etc.
  • Labelling of photos and re-arranging them before, during and after action
  • Bidding per photos analysis
  • Invoicing as per standard price sheet
  • Creating reports such as PCR, conveyance condition etc
  • Processing orders like initial secures, bid approvals, mold remediation, conveyance conditions, sales clean, securing, deed-in-lieu etc

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