How do we BID?

Property Preservation bids

Bidding is a very tricky task which not only involves submitting your property preservation bids in a timely manner but also needs to be fairly accurate and realistic. The property preservation bids submitted by RPR services are determined after careful consideration of all the various factors including the inner and outer workings of a home and current market rates for foreclosure clean-ups as well as property maintenance and preservation. Besides these, there are a number of factors that we take into consideration while producing bids. Some of them are as follows:

• The complex nature of the job 

• The different kind of services we would be providing at the property 

• The vicinity in which the property is situated 

• The detailed verbiage to justify the bid 

We at RPR Services have divided the most complex nature of a bid to a very manageable order dividing them mostly into two sections:

1. Exterior Problems

Here’s a list of some of the Exterior Problems that are included while carrying out a Bidding procedure:

Roof Problems

While most roof problems can be identified by simply looking at it from the ground, it’s difficult to spot some irregularities unless inspected closely. Cracks in shingles, shingles slipping out place, bad patch jobs etc. are accurately spotted by our representatives. Houses with nasty roofs can be extremely hazardous for the maintenance of the property.

Chimney Problems

Houses with masonry chimneys need to be inspected carefully as any irregularity in them can cost a large expense. Masonry chimneys can sometimes have large cracks in their walls, thereby needing immediate repairing of the upper portion.

Window Damages

Windows of old houses are often patched which may not look all that bad from a distance, but can seem horrible when up close. Similarly, a rot can be identified merely by poking the windows with your finger, which we identify right through a photo.

Water management

Water management can be a huge task, as it requires closely inspecting gutters, downspout extensions, fixing of uneven slopes, among other things. On the other hand, improper water draining can sometimes cause serious leakage problems in the basement.

Lawn Care

Identifying the height of the Grass, understanding the nature of a Tree/Shrub that needs maintained or manicured and carefully recognizing the measurements looking through the photos are some of the key secrets to our precise bidding procedures include.

We at RPR Services have divided the most complex nature of a bid to a very manageable order dividing them mostly into two sections:

2. Interior Problems

Interior property inspection requires an even more detailed outlook. It is aimed at keeping the potential buyers updated about any defects that can prove to be disastrous in the long run. Some of the items that are inspected in this category are as follows:


  • Foundation problems, which include cracks in the walls, ceilings or the flooring of the property.
  • Wet finished basements, which generally trigger moisture problems in the long run. Water intrusion can leave nasty stains on the walls while causing the foundation to weaken.
  • Mold/Discoloration, which needs quick remediation to avoid environmental hazards.
  • Galvanized steel pipes that are rusted on the sides result in less water flow. They need to be thoroughly inspected, as rusted galvanized pipes are highly prone to leakage.
  • Neglected furnaces or boilers, electric hazards, interior stains etc.

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